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If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me…

Shit, After Vegas it was nice to get into something that was real. So we took off for the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam. At the Hoover Dam we had a dam good time (I’m sorry I had to fit that in somewhere). I bragged about being a member of the ASCE and kept getting in the way of pictures mostly (Brenden was becoming increasingly wearing of my unaware ways). Then we went of to the Grand Canyon. Seriously, if you havent gone go. It’s awesome, literally, it puts you into awe. I could bore you with a bunch of poetic lines about it’s beauty, but that’s not my style. 

What is my style is telling you about the drunken mayhem that occurred after we got all naturey. Well it was my “last” night with the boys so we bought some sausages and alcohol. As I sat down to enjoy one of my sausages (not like that. come on guys/gals), I was sipping on some wine, when Dr. Simpson had one of his famous amazingly great ideas. Lets play HubleDouble, but with teams so if one side of the bench f’d up, the whole side drank. Odds Vs Evens. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Here’s a Fucking Travel Tip, if you ever meet a Brit named Joe from Weymouth… DON’T play a drinking game against him or if you do, don’t sit next to him (well if you wanna increase your drinking skills sit next to him). Joe just sits around and will call you out on anything, he enjoys fucking people over and decapitation. I sat directly in front of him, plus I’m an American idiot. Lets just put it this way, I wound up getting a HumbleDouble record of being HumbleDouble7Double15. Fuck!!! My team despised me, I didn’t care. I am the Wookie and I shall Spromit where I please. Well after the campsite dickhead told us to keep it down (it was to late, we where hitting the hay anyways. What a cockface.) The boys started singing to me, not wanting me to leave. It was moving them going from hating to loving (Booze does this to Brits). Singing in their lovely voices, If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me. T’was emotional.

The next day, we had a last supper at Pizza Hut, right after they had to push me into a gas station for running out of gas (Ol’ Blues gas gauge is rather slow). At Pizza Hut we laughed, we cried, we spromitted, and then took off. 

But that was not the last I saw of the Britiots, I pull into a gas station and and come out of the shop there they are. I would have thought it was just coincidence, until driving through California I got tried and pulled into a rest area to sleep. Then a get a knock on my car door and a person saying I can’t sleep here. Fuck it’s them those creeps, tailing me. We laugh, cried, and spromitted all over again and went to bed for a quick nap. Needless to say I woke up the next morning to Phil asking for a jump. Then they took off and we parted ways for good… or did we?

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